Sunday, 22 July 2012

Twin Falls & Jim Jim Falls

Today we had an early start just on sunrise to be ready for the Steve to pick us up for the Top End Explorer Tour. There were only 13 people on the tour which was great and we headed to Twin Falls first.

We had to do some genuine four wheel driving to get there including going through the river at .6 meters which was amazing, I just love the four wheel driving as a tour in itself.

We then got a boat to take us along the river to Twin Falls, a very relaxing journey through very still waters. There was however a 4 meter crocodile they were trying to trap.

Then it was time to get out of the boats and start walking to the falls.

Including the final leg of the walk along a floating pontoon to the beach.

Sonia making the most of the sun and relaxing on the beach.

Returning to the truck to take us to Jim Jim Falls.

Our first glimpse of Jim Jim Falls.

A golden orb spider.

Tomo a descendant of one of the original owners of the land, originally from Arnhem Land. Painting by the falls on the rocks.

Unfortunately this Mother Earth painting was not yet finished to see what it would have looking like.

We relaxed by the falls as the water was 16o and we thought that was too cold to go swimming.

An awesome day, an excellent tour with wonderful guides.

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