Friday, 6 July 2012


Today we headed to Hermannsburg, the first aboriginal mission in the Northern Territory, established in 1877 on the traditional lands of the Western Aranda people. In 1982 control of the Mission lands was restored to the traditional Aranda owners under the Aboriginal Lands Rights Act.

The Old Church built in 1896.

Ingkarta Strehlows House built in 1897 previously the site of the first church.

The school house built in 1896 Carols and reading primer were produced in Aranda in 1880.

We then drove back to Alice Springs and went to the Old Ghan Legends Museum. 

We couldn't let the day go by without doing some walking so we headed to the Telegraph Station Historical Reserve and went for a 4km walk and saw this very cute Black Foot Rock Wallaby along with others and the dingo below.

This is the original site of the European settlement in Alice Springs. Established in 1872 to relay messages between Darwin and Adelaide, it is the best preserved of the twelve stations along the Overland Telegraph Line. Construction stated in 1871, the town of Alice Springs obtained it's name from the waterhole a short distance to the east of the station buildings. It operated for 60 years after which the buildings served as a school and bungalow for Aboriginal children. During WWII parts of the station were used by the Army.

We then ended the evening with the Sounds of Starlight - The Didgeridoo Show Outback, which was a modern production of electronic drums, percussion and one man playing many different didgeridoos.

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