Friday, 13 July 2012

Cutta Cutta Caves

Today we traveled to Darwin stopping along the way to see Cutta Cutta Caves. A limestone cave system with a couple of endangered species of bats living in it.

At the entrance this brown snake - that is what they called it, I thought they looked different to this - was there to greet us.

Can you see a face here?

We then stopped at the famous Adelaide River Pub for a drink, this is the Water Buffalo from the Crocodile Dundee movie.

Arrived to find a lovely unit ready for us on the waterfront at Darwin between the Novatel, Mantra and Holiday Inn. So right where the action is, we walked to dinner and we have numerous choices of restaurants for the week all serving vegetarian for Kevin which is great.

PS: All this traffic in Darwin is a bit much. For the last few weeks on the Stuart Highway I've been asking Lee-Anne - "Anything coming your way?" - and the answer has been no - to which I reply - "Nothing my way either" and we proceed to pull out on the highway. Now suddenly cars and pedestrians!! LOL.

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