Friday, 20 July 2012

Driving to Kakadu

Today we left Darwin and drove to Kakadu - Jabiru. We stopped to have lunch at Humpty Doo.

We then went for a boardwalk along the Lily Walk at the Fogg Dam, and this Golden Tree Snake greeted us.

Then due to large salt water crocodiles being in the dam we had to drive along the dam wall instead of walk.

This Australian Darter was drying or cooling off.

An Intermediate Egret.

This was one of a couple of crocodile traps set along the dam wall.

The two birds to the right at Magpie Goose. 

We then stopped at the Window of the Wetlands - Ludawei is a turtle dreaming site. 

Closer to Jabiru there was a fire burning and the birds we flying overhead ready to swoop on any insects trying to escape the flames. 

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