Sunday, 15 July 2012

Darwin Coastline

Today we started off at the Nightcliff Markets.

We then drove around the coastline of Nightcliff.

Stopping at Dripstone Cliffs in the Casuarina Coastal Reserve for a walk along the beach.

We continued on to Buffalo Creek.

Then driving around to East Point Reserve with views back to the city.

Whilst in East Point Reserve we visited the Defense of Darwin Experience Museum.
In 1925 recommendations were made to establish a battery of 9.2" guns in Darwin. Following the outbreak of war approval was given in 1941 for the installation of the battery. 

This Dummy Gun is an example of guns made and used by the military to give the impression that the Australian and Allied Forces had more artillery than they really did. They were made of scrap metal and junk. They went a long way in convincing the Japanese that Australia had more weapons than we actually did.

This airborne bicycle was developed at a time to work in co-ordination with the British troops. Once landed transport was needed that was reliable and small. It could be folded in half so an paratrooper could jump out of a plane with it and use it when landed. When folded out it was a normal bicycle.

On the way out of East Point we stopped to look at Lake Alexander.

We drove to Cullen Bay to watch the setting sun.

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