Thursday, 5 July 2012

Simpsons Gap & Stanley Chasm

Today we headed to Simpsons Gap. A dragon man sprang out of the ground at Simpson Gap at a spot now marked by a column of stone, and journeyed underground to a place in the East where he meet a group of Perentie people. They returned with him to Simpson Gap and long series of sacred ceremonies were performed. The Perentie people then traveled away to the north where they joined the nail tailed wallaby people.

We then headed to Stanley Chasm which cuts through the tough quartzite to form a picturesque natural alleyway. The sun casts down the gorge at midday and the rock walls shine brightly.

A walk to the top of the mountain to see the view of the entire ranges was next on the agenda.

Once we got to the top which was incredibility steep I waited at the top enjoying the view whilst Kevin walked back down to other side and then up and down the following mountain to find this ideal oasis.

We then returned home and Uwe (pronounced Oova) the B & B owner made us a lovely romantic dinner for two on the upper deck as we watched the sun set over the hills.

After dinner we went star gazing at the fire pit and the moon had me in a trance again.

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