Monday, 9 July 2012

The Pebbles - Tennant Creek

Today we drove out to The Pebbles (Kunjarra) - is an important cultural site for the Warumunga women of this country. This place is of sacred women's dreaming, ceremony and dance are still practiced here today. Munga Munga (old people in spiritual being) are the ancient holders of the Yawulyu (song) and today the knowledge is still preserved and the Munga Munga still continue to occupy the land in spiritual form as our ancestors have for thousands of years.   

We then visited the Tennant Creek Telegraph Station - supplies came every six months by camel traders and the station grew its own vegetables and had stock that was butchered weekly. They had a cellar and smoke house.

This building was the kitchen and the bread oven was outside to reduce heat.

This was the actual telegraph office, bedroom and battery room. The telegraph was manned 24 hours and a telegram took 7 hours to go from London to Adelaide. 

We had a picnic lunch by Lake Mary Ann.

We also saw the Bill Allen Lookout and then the cemetery. 

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