Sunday, 1 July 2012

Alice Springs Desert Park

Today we went to Alice Springs Desert Park a world class biopark, with hundreds of central Australian plants, birds, reptiles, mammals and fish. 

This is a Zebra Finch.

This magnificent quilt was made by 6 ladies representing the McDonnell Ranges area.

Due to the amount of rain received in the area for the last three years we have been blessed with numerous wildflowers growing on the slopes amongst the red sands it really is a wonderful sight.

This is the Sacred Kingfisher. 

Port Lincoln Redneck.

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo. 

The Sacred Kingfisher I think he is my favourite of all the birds.

Annual Yellow Topped Daisy cover the sand in a carpet after good winter rain.

The mountains in the background are the West McDonnell Ranges.

Pink Everlasting is a showy native daisy that germinates on mass in sand country after good rain.

The star of the little critters is the Thorny Devil.

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