Monday, 16 July 2012

Litchfield National Park

Today we drove to Litchfield National Park, and we were shocked at how dry and bland the landscape was. We were both expected something very lush and wet. It is a long way off the highway and our whole drive through the park some 50km were very unspectacular. Except when you go to the waterfalls and rockholes.

We started at the Cascades doing the Lower Cascade 1.3km walk.

As we were crossing the creek on our walk we saw this water snake.

We then went on to Wangi Falls completing the loop 1.6km walk and then having a swim in the plunge pool. I swam as close to the falls as I could until the current was too strong along with the force of the water so I headed back. Such a great time, I have always wanted to swim under a waterfall so we will have to find one with less water next time.

Our next stop was the Tolmer creek Walk at Tolmer Falls, another 1.6km walk up to the top of the falls where we discovered some wonderful rock pools just to ourselves. It was the most magic and special time.

Florence Falls were the next and we walked down the 160 steps to go swimming in the plunge pool at the foot of the falls and then returned via the 1km creek walk. Again a wonderful swim however getting in and out of the pool was a little tricky over rocks etc.

On our creek walk back to the car we actually saw a brown snake on the path in front of us that slithered off  about 60cm long, so two snake spottings in one day isn't bad.

The Buley Rockhole was another very popular swimming spot so we walked in and as the day was getting late we decided to pass on the swim and continued on to the Magnetic Termite Mounds.

It is hard to tell but these termite mounds are twice as tall as we are, they are really something when you are standing next to them.

As awesome day of swimming in some of the most pure clear water, we have ever seen.

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