Wednesday, 4 July 2012

East McDonnell Ranges

Today we headed to the East McDonnell Ranges. Our first stop was Emily Gap. Anthwerrke (Emily Gap) is part of the story line for the three caterpillars. Yeperenye, Ntyarlke and Utnerrengatye which are ancestral beings for the Alice Springs area. Arrernte people conceived in Alice springs consider themselves direct decendants of these caterpillar ancestors. 

This Ghost Gum is 33 metres tall and is estimated to be over 300 years old.

At Trephina Gorge we started with the Panorama Walk a 2.5km loop which too us to the top of the range looking down into the Gorge. It is one of the two gorges that intersect the range, notable for it's sheer quartzite ranges, red river gums and sandy creek beds.

We then walked the Gorge walk another 2km loop walk which starts in the river bed itself and then takes you to the top of the cliff walls on the opposite side of the gorge.

On our way home we stopped to see Corroboree Rock (Antanangantana) which is an remnant of an ancient rock structure known as Bitter Springs Formation. The rock formation is the result of successive layers of silt deposited in shallow salty sea water in which algae grew. Over millions of years the silt was compressed into layers of rock. These layers have been tilted vertically by the process of folding. 

Back into town we stopped at the Anzac Hill Lookout as the sun was setting.

A beautifully stunning full moon here in the clear skies of Central Australia.

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