Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Uluru Rest Day

Today we slept in and caught up on the blog. We then walked to the Ayres Rock Resort Imalung Lookout with views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta also of the other motels in the complex.

Sails in the Dessert Resort.

Having our lunch in town square at the deli.

The walk home to our Outback Pioneer Hotel.

We then went for our last drive in the National Park to see Uluru once more. The cultural centre was our main target for the afternoon where you learn about Tjukurpa the traditional law guiding Anangu and the foundation of their culture. It resembles two ancestal snakes, Kuniya and Liru, whose stories are based at the east, south and west side of Uluru. The two snakes embrace a central courtyard where Anangu artists and craftspeople can gather and work.

From the cultural centre we did the last of the walks we have not done to the base of the rock, 4km return. The track winds through strands of wanari (mulga).

Once at the base of the rock we then did the Mala Walk to Kantju Gorge again a 2km walk where I waited and sat near the gorge (the below photo) while Kevin walked back and collected the car. I sat and listened to the wind, bird song and mysteries of the rock.

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