Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Breakaways

Today we went to the Old Timers Mine & Muesum a 1916 original opal mine. It wasn't until 1968 that a hidden mine was accidentally revealed when an underground home extension broke through, revealing much precious opal, which is still there today.

It is hard to believe the lives people, men and women, lived in the search for opal.

We then visited Faye's Underground Historic Home, built by hand in the early 1960's. Originally the place where the first mail truck to Coober Pedy was housed. Faye dug two more rooms by hand by herself after work which took 10 years. Then helped by two lady friends in digging two more larger rooms - a living room and lower level bedroom still by hand. She then added an outdoor swimming pool however she lost so much water through evaporation she enclosed the pool and added another above ground room to the home. Her career to start with was as a cook in the first cafe of the town however she was sacked after refusing to cook not fresh meat. She was then shown the ropes of opal mining by the men and mined for opals. She opened her own bed and breakfast accommodation and restaurant. She has now retired and moved to Queensland to live, she is currently 79 years old. An amazing story about a women who remained single her whole life, and accomplished great things.

Faye made a red jasper feature wall and lacquered the rock to bring out the colour.

Upper level and lower level bedrooms.

We visited the Big Winch Lookout again.

Our motel from the lookout.

This was the first tree in Coober Pedy made from metal pipes etc.

Remnants of the movie industry - Mad Max, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and many others have been made here in Coober Pedy mostly on the Moon Plains.

We then drove to see The Breakaways.

The aboriginal name of these rocks is two dogs however the common name is salt and pepper.

a better view of the dog fence than yesterday.

The Moon Plains, this is where the movies are made.

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