Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Kata Tjuta - The Olgas

Today we were up at 5.30am again to see the sunrise over the Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). Again it was 0 degrees so another very chilly start.

The colour changes on the rocks is really amazing, and everything that you hear about it is right.

Wild camels roam the desert,they were first introduced from the Canary Islands in 1840 and subsequently an estimated 12,000 camels were imported and later released into the wild when road and rail transport took over the camels role as a means of carrying freight. Today due to the large numbers we now export them to Saudi Arabia and Brunei and Malaysia where disease free wild camels are prized.  

After sunrise we started on the Valley of the Winds circuit through the Kata Tjuta inself. Kata Tjuta is Pitjantjatara meaning 'many heads'. This spectacular landform lies about 50 kilometres drive from Uluru and the resort town of Yulara.

The area is an Anangu men's site and is sacred under Tjukurpa (traditional law). The circuit is 7.4km with breathtaking views.

Here we are at Lookout 1 Karu.

Lookout 2 Karingana Lookout from here the circuit takes you down into the valley and creek beds. 

In the afternoon we did the Walpa Gorge walk. The gorge has always been an important source of water to the Anangu people, Rare plants and native birds seek refuge in the moisture rich gully. Kata Tjuta is sacred to Anangu men, they would camp a short distance away and walk in quietly. They did not swim in the waters as they were considered sacred. The women would go into this area to collect food and water but would always behave appropriately. Hold in your heart the knowledge that this place is special.

We then had a rest for a couple of hours before Sunset.

Again the colour changes are amazing.

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