Friday, 10 August 2012

Upper Daintree - Mossman Gorge

Today we drove to the Daintree Village and had lunch.

The Daintree River.

We then went for a drive through Upper Daintree which was the prettiest area, so green and lush.

We then went to Mossman Gorge and found that it had been revamped and commercialised to care for the local indigenous people. You must park now in a large carpark 2.5km from the gorge and be bused to the old carpark area. You then go on new modern boardwalks above the forest floor and have the option of taking the extended 2km rainforest walk which is just lovely. However you now only see a glimpse of the gorge and the old amount of the rainforest, all the old wooden boardwalks along the side of the river and gorge have been removed and you no longer even go into the gorge to the same extent. Very disappointing when this use to in my opinion be the No 1 nature must see of the Far North Queensland area. 

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